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Entries for February, 2008

Foot Job and Blowjob in One!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Robert is definitely a foot fetish convert. After his try with Tina, my friend just can’t get enough of pretty feet.. but who am I to judge? After all, I am the foot fetish maniac and I taught him everything he knows. Robert knows that he owes me so when it was time to meet up with another beautiful chick with sexy feet, he brought me along.

Foot Job and Blowjob in One Picture 1 Foot Job and Blowjob in One Picture 2

Claire knew I was coming and seeing that she wasn’t even against it, I started wishing that she might want one more guy with her. But I didn’t want to push it and I wanted to see how she is with Robert. Robert started out slow and sure just like I taught him too with gentle toe sucking and feet licking. When he was sure that Claire is really wet and dripping, he told Claire to give him a foot job and make sure that she spreads her legs wide while doing it. I know that this would turn Claire wild because she can’t rub her legs together and her fuck hole would feel emptier. Robert told Claire that if he really wanted a cock in her pussy, then she should try harder with her foot job and maybe give him a blowjob while doing it.

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Video: Celebrity bare feet and legs

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

For all you foot lovers I have posted this hot video featuring feet pictures of todays hottest celebrities. You will see some real pretty feet and imagine some toe sucking, foot fucking, feet licking or foot jobs with those gorgeous female feet.

Foot Fetish Maniac Helps Out

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

My friend Brandon has long wanted to try out some foot fucking after he saw some great foot pictures and foot videos I had at home. He has always wanted to try it out with his wife but she’s a little shy when it comes to her barefoot. I told Brandon to let me talk to his wife and when I told her that she has beautiful feet and that Brandon would just love having her bare foot on his cock, his wife finally agreed.

Foot Fetish Maniac Helps Out Picture 1 Foot Fetish Maniac Helps Out Picture 2

I told Brandon to take it easy at first. We don’t want his wife backing out in the last minute and bolting out the door. So Brandon took my advice to heart and started his wife with a little foot massage at first. He then continued with feet licking and I could tell that Brandon really enjoys foot worship. When Brandon finally placed his wife’s pretty feet on his cock, his wife couldn’t help but start pinching her erect nipples. It was such a hot sight and seeing his wife’s puckered pussy lips creaming while foot fucking him has really made Brandon wild and hot. I’m sure I would get some great cum on feet action seeing how this is progressing.

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Foot Lovers First Time

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

With more and more of my friends trying out foot fetish, I’m sure we would have more great foot pics and foot videos to show you. Here, my friend Robert has just hooked up with Tina, a beautiful blonde babe with pretty feet. She was a little hesitant at first with me being there but when I told her that she has the most beautiful feet I have ever saw and her cute pink toes are just perfect, she consented.

Foot Lovers First Time Picture 1 Foot Lovers First Time Picture 2

I told Robert that it was time to start some foot fucking and he thought so too. So he made Tina sit on a corner and spread her legs wide so that she could wrap her barefoot on Robert’s hard meat. It is Tina’s first time so it was a little difficult for her at first but she later on got the drift and was giving Robert a footjob like a pro.

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Foot Fetish Maniacs some hot toes and feet for you

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Here is a video of some really hot feet and sexy toes that I would love to suck:

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Bare Foot Maniacs Nicole foot job

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I am totally into foot fetish and I really love the combination of sweet gummybears and a pair of dainty feet. Nika Niore had the right thing in mind when she came by the other day. I had all the time in the world sucking her cute toes and munching my favorite sweets before I focused my attention on her wet pussy.

Bare Foot Maniacs Nicole foot job picture 1 Bare Foot Maniacs Nicole foot job picture 2

I get turned on even more when she stroked my cock with her sexy feet and I didn’t waste more time, so I charged on straight to her pussy again and pound her viciously. You’ll have to see this barefoot babe in action as I stretch her tight wet pussy like there is no tomorrow

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