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Entries for January, 2017

Foot Pageant

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Marie and Cindy are long time friends and neighbors. They are always together when it comes to shopping and pampering each other. They know just what’s beautiful about each other’s body for they’ve seen each naked too many times. Check out Foot Fetish Porno for more hot babes showing off their feet!

Foot Pageant Foot Pageant

But when it comes to their feet, they just can’t decide who has prettier feet so they start comparing and arguing about their red-painted toenails. Finally, they decided to just ask somebody else and we get to be the judge. So who?

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Foot Pounding Helena

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Some girls just love giving foot jobs. Take Helena for example. She just loves it when a man’s huge meat is wrapped between her feet and she gets to pump it hard and fast like she wants. She can give her man pleasure and her hands are free to pinch her nipples and even play with her clit. Check out more foot fucking action at!

Foot Pounding Helena Foot Pounding Helena

Her friend George doesnt mind as well for Helena has soft smooth soles that feel so good around his shaft. Plus, the more that Helena foot fucks his tool, the more he sees her pussy lips open and dew for him while he keeps her hands busy with other parts of her body.

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