Foot Fetish Maniac Helps Out

My friend Brandon has long wanted to try out some foot fucking after he saw some great foot pictures and foot videos I had at home. He has always wanted to try it out with his wife but she’s a little shy when it comes to her barefoot. I told Brandon to let me talk to his wife and when I told her that she has beautiful feet and that Brandon would just love having her bare foot on his cock, his wife finally agreed.

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I told Brandon to take it easy at first. We don’t want his wife backing out in the last minute and bolting out the door. So Brandon took my advice to heart and started his wife with a little foot massage at first. He then continued with feet licking and I could tell that Brandon really enjoys foot worship. When Brandon finally placed his wife’s pretty feet on his cock, his wife couldn’t help but start pinching her erect nipples. It was such a hot sight and seeing his wife’s puckered pussy lips creaming while foot fucking him has really made Brandon wild and hot. I’m sure I would get some great cum on feet action seeing how this is progressing.

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