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Sexy Lesbians Foot Teasing

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Okay, today we have a video of Angela Stone admiring Sativa Rose’s feet. Angela has always had a thing for sexy feet and she just can’t help but worship Sativa’s cute toes and slender feet.

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Foot Pageant

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Marie and Cindy are long time friends and neighbors. They are always together when it comes to shopping and pampering each other. They know just what’s beautiful about each other’s body for they’ve seen each naked too many times. Check out Foot Fetish Porno for more hot babes showing off their feet!

Foot Pageant Foot Pageant

But when it comes to their feet, they just can’t decide who has prettier feet so they start comparing and arguing about their red-painted toenails. Finally, they decided to just ask somebody else and we get to be the judge. So who?

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Free Videos of a Hot Foot Fetish Movie

Friday, June 11th, 2010

If you’re into pretty girls with cute feet, then you’ll love this exciting new movie with three gorgeous ladies engaging in a hot threesome scene. Three of the hottest fetish models got together for a hot foot fetish movie and it starts with these ladies in bed, admiring each other’s feet and nibbling at their toes. These sexy babes are smoking hot and they all share the same passion for kinky foot sex.

Free Videos of a Hot Foot Fetish Movie
Free Videos of a Hot Foot Fetish Movie

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Nicolette’s Hot Foot Sex Movie

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Today’s free dose of foot fetish porn consists of these free video clips from a hot foot sex movie. It features sultry lesbians Nicolette and Cheryl Dynasty frolicking in bed and admiring each other’s sexy feet. Nicolette takes the lead in this scene and jams her toes between Cheryl’s thighs to examine her wet cunt with her piggies. Cheryl did the same for her while Nicolette admires her soft soles by kissing it.

Nicolette's Hot Foot Sex Movie
Nicolette's Hot Foot Sex Movie

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Blonde Lesbos Play with Their Cute Toes

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We’re back and today we have these videos of a hot lesbian foot worship movie. It features these gorgeous blondes going all out on each other to indulge their foot fetish fantasies. This hot lesbo sex scene starts with these hotties showing off their racks and admiring each other’s feet. One of them jams her partner’s toes into her mouth while her partner rubs her wet pussy with her soft soles.

Blonde Lesbos Play with Their Cute Toes
Blonde Lesbos Play with Their Cute Toes

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Free Videos from Nikki’s Hot Foot Sex Movie

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Today’s free dose of porn consists of video clips from Nikki Benz’s hot foot sex scene. Nikki brought along her sexy blonde friend Natasha Sweet and opens this scene with a hot toe sucking. This blonde vixen gropes her partner’s slender feet and began admiring it and sucking on her toes. It made her pussy wet and her nipples stiff, so she pulls down her bras and made Natasha work her tits with her soles.

Free Videos from Nikki's Hot Foot Sex Movie
Free Videos from Nikki's Hot Foot Sex Movie

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Sexy Lesbian Foot Worship

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Buxom blonde Nicolette loves admiring her lesbian lover’s pretty feet and in this featured movie we have them indulging their foot fetish fantasies. These horny babes both share an appetite for foot worship and here Nicolette made them move on her Asian lover, Cheryl Dynasty to admire her pretty feet and suck on her toes while the former gave her pleasurable pussy rubbing using her toes.

Sexy Lesbian Foot Worship

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Lesbian Latinas

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

It’s already hot enough to have Rosario and Eva naked together in a room but to see them making out sure made things so much hotter. The two gorgeous babes are so sexy, it was so difficult to stop ourselves from joining in on their fun and having some of their juicy pussies.

Lesbian Latinas Lesbian Latinas

Eva and Rosario seem to know about our reaction for they grew bolder and wilder. They were rubbing each other’s pussies when Eva took Rosario’s foot and started sucking her toes. Eva then got on her knees so we could see the perfect outline of her tits while it was Rosario’s turn to lick Eva’s foot.

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Lesbian Foot Action

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Sabrina and Deanna are two bestfriends who are so unlike the other. Looking at them, they are like chocolate and vanilla..with Sabrina’s beautiful black body and curly long hair while Deanna is a hot leggy blonde with beautiful short hair.

Lesbian Foot Action Lesbian Foot Action

These two may be different in terms of looks but they like the very same thing. Sabrina and Deanna both like pussies and when their lovers are away, they turn to each other for some comfort. They start kissing right away and even managed to do some foot action in.

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Bath Bitches

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Things can be a little boring when you’re all alone in a bath tub. So Jenny here decided to invite her friend Cindy for a hot nice bath. Of course, they can’t be shy around each other when they’re going to share a bath, right? So this busty duo are all naked and hot in the bath.

Bath Bitches Bath Bitches

Things soon turned wild when these hot babes started licking and sucking each other’s toes. They then rubbed their pretty feet all over their tits and soon these hot bitches were moaning while rubbing their cunts together.

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