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Entries for September, 2007

Joy Persuades

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Joy was going out with her friends and she made sure to dress right just in case she gets some hot action at the bar. What she didn’t expect though is to find her husband coming home early from work and seeing her dressed in her see through top and white boyshorts panties.

Joy Persuades Joy Persuades

She tries to tell him it’s all for him and when he didn’t believe her, she started posing seductively for him. He wanted to punish her at first and instead of playing with her pussy, he made her masturbate while sucking and licking her tanned toe. It sure made Joy very horny and before long, she’s pumping his cock between her feet just to get some hot loving herself. More sizzling foot fetish action here!

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Dan’s Special Pedicure

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

If there’s one thing that Dan can’t resist, it’s sexy clean toes. So when he spotted his girfriend cleaning her toes in the bathroom, he volunteered to do it himself. She already knew what’s going to happen but she sure didn’t stop this horny foot maniac.

Dan's Special Pedicure Dan's Special Pedicure

Dan started with a nice foot rub that left his girlfriend sighing and moaning. When he felt that she was ready for it, he started on kissing her foot down to her toes which he gently sucked one by one. He just loved the licking the skin in between the toes and hearing his girlfriend’s moans made him even stuff her foot deep into his mouth. Click here for more foot fetish action!

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Foot Check Up

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Melanie injured her foot and decided to go to the doctor. She was a little nervous around him but he sure made it very comfortable for Melanie. He made sure that Melanie wears her hospital robes and that she wears nothing underneath it. He then started to examine her injured leg making sure to massage and caress her soles.

Foot Check Up Foot Check Up

He still wasn’t satisfied with the observation he got so he made Melanie spread wide in her robes. He then licked her toes to check if they’re ok while finger fucking her wet cunt. Finally, Melanie had to perform some special task to ensure that her foot is perfectly well. Catch this and other hot foot fetish pics and movies only at Bare Foot Fuckers!

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Casey Drops By

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

On her way to the beach, Casey decided to drop by her ex-boyfriend’s house just to make him drool. She didn’t have a hard time spotting him walking half-naked outside their house. When she pulled over, she made sure that her ex would get a good look of her gorgeous body in her bikini. Watch more hot babes like Casey at Foot Fetish Porno!

Casey Drops By Casey Drops By

When he finally came over, she dangled her feet from her window and opened her bikini top to show off her milky globes. Her ex just can’t resist the temptation and sure enough, he was licking and sucking Casey’s toes like a mad man, imagining that it was her pussy he was licking instead. Casey finally got her revenge when she took off – just leaving him with a taste of what he could have had.

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Emily’s Foot Massage

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Emily loves the beach so much as evident by her gorgeous tan. So when her friend David invited her to come with him to the beach, she just had to go. She was wearing a denim shorts and animal printed top with black high heels. She didn’t know she’d be walking far so when she arrived at the resort, her feet was aching and sore.

Emily's Foot Massage Emily's Foot Massage

David being the good friend that he is offered to give her a foot massage. When he started stroking Emily’s feet though, she just can’t help but be aroused. She then took off her clothes and left her black bikini so she’s ready for the beach when in fact, she just wanted to seduced David. David got the hint and instead of massaging Emily’s foot, he began sucking her toes making Emily wet with need.

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Roommie Seduction

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

When you put two beautiful girls together, things are bound to happen. Just like these two roomies here – Jessica and Maureen. They’re both very beautiful in very different ways. One is a busty curvaceous brunette while the other is a slim blonde. They get along fine enough but Maureen is keen on making Jessica become a slut like her.

Roommie Seduction Roommie Seduction

Maureen realized that Jessica loves toes and feet so she decided to play with Jessica’s body using her pretty tattoed feet. Jessica didn’t know how to react at first but when she saw Maureen massaging her tits and the wet spot between her panties, Jessica made a go for it by sucking Maureen’s toes. If you’d like to see more lesbian foot fetish, check out Foot Fetish Porno!

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Kelly Practices

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Kelly can’t decide what men liked most – socks or heels. So she decided to wear both. This black babe was dressed up in her slutty high school skirt and white top and decided to practice her seduction with us. We didn’t coplain about it as long as she keeps letting us have a little piece of that black meat.

Kelly Practices Kelly Practices

She did what was the most natural thing for her to do – spread on the white couch and show off her shaven black twat. She would lift her legs high above her legs to let us have a clear view of her wet center before she lowers her heeled foot near her pussy. The sight of her high heels very near her pierced pussy really made an impression on us. Watch this ebony babe and others only at Foot Fetish Porno!

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