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Entries for November, 2007

Amber’s Stockings

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Amber here was going out on a hot date and was dressing up in her sluttiest outfit. When she wore her stockings though, she noticed a gaping hole in it. She was really pissed off but things soon turned differently when she noticed how sexy her legs logs.

Amber’s Stockings Amber’s Stockings

She rubbed the stockings all over legs and loved the way it scraped over her smooth skin. She liked it so much she even tore more holes in her stockings and all the while making sure that her pussy gets a little bit attention as well.

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Dildo Drilling Andrea

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Andrea just came from her work and working in a bar could really be tiring. She doesn’t mind the slutty outfits but wearing those high-heeled boots really wears her out when she’s standing all day. Good thing she knows how to give herself a foot massage.

Dildo Drilling Andrea Dildo Drilling Andrea

Andrea quickly stripped her pants when she got home and we loved her lacy panties. She was spreading wide for us and rubbing her clit before she decided to finally decided to take off those boots. We told her that her boots are so sexy and that she’d better keep it on while dildo drilling her fanny.

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Bath Bitches

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Things can be a little boring when you’re all alone in a bath tub. So Jenny here decided to invite her friend Cindy for a hot nice bath. Of course, they can’t be shy around each other when they’re going to share a bath, right? So this busty duo are all naked and hot in the bath.

Bath Bitches Bath Bitches

Things soon turned wild when these hot babes started licking and sucking each other’s toes. They then rubbed their pretty feet all over their tits and soon these hot bitches were moaning while rubbing their cunts together.

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Angela’s Assets

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

We love having Angela over for this beautiful black babe always manages to make every session fun and enjoyable. She always listens to our suggestions so when we told her to strip, she was more than eager to follow. She even made it easier for us when she just pulled down her top.

Angela’s Assets Angela’s Assets

Her gorgeous big tits are a sight to behold. We are sure that her tits are a natural just looking at the way they stick out from her sexy chocolate body. She made sure that we focus on what’s important when she spread her legs for us and showed off her nice piercings.

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Marge’s New Boots

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Marge just bought a pair of boots and she’s eager to try it out. After taking off all her clothes, she tries on the boots and would love to see herself wearing just her animal-printed boots.

Marge’s New Boots Marge’s New Boots

Marge just can’t help but love the feeling of wearing just the boots. It makes her feel so sexy and slutty she even started spreading for us. Of course, she didn’t stop there and went on to play with her wet cunt.

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At Faye’s Feet

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Faye has always been taller than everybody else when she was still in highschool. At first, she was insecure and shy about it but she later learned that having those gorgeous legs is more of an asset than a liability.

At Faye’s Feet At Faye’s Feet

We find Faye here as she relaxes and tries to enjoy her perfect legs down to her perfect toes. We just love the arch of her soles and her feet just seem so graceful. It’s even more beautiful when she spreads wide and places her foot near her pink pussy.

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Jenna’s Foot Fetish

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Jenna loves her feet so much, she thinks of a lot of things to do with it. Jenna here was having a good time painting her nails and smoking. She even tried smoking using her foot.

Jenna’s Foot Fetish Jenna’s Foot Fetish

This babe later took out her high heels and when she was wearing it, she just can’t help but feel sexy. Next thing we know, this beautiful brunette was already finger fucking her cunt and she never took her eyes off her perfect feet.

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Roommies Making Out

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

The great thing about having a gorgeous roommate is that you have a beautiful babe to fuck and play with. Lisa here loved it when she got to live with Amanda for every time she’s horny and wet, she has Amanda to lick her pussy.

Roommies Making Out Roommies Making Out

Here, we find Lisa seducing Amanda. They are both in their underwears and it doesn’t take a long time for them to start making out. Lisa was quick to kiss and lick Amanda’s sole and Amanda liked it so much, she spread wide to have her pussy foot fucked as well.

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Bedroom Show

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Andrea has every reason to be proud of her body. She is one beautiful babe and her body is curvaceous and all-woman. This curly haired babe is not why when it comes to showing off and good thing because we just love looking at her.

Bedroom Show Bedroom Show

We caught Andrea in her bed and shesn’t wearing anything except for her black thong. She was quick to take it off and we just love it when her thong was caught up between her high heels. She noticed that we liked it and started showing it off some more.

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Katie Relaxes

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

What Katie likes most about going home from work is being able to take off her high heels and massaging her sore foot. She just loves being able to lift her legs and start stroking her soft feet and painted toes.

Katie Relaxes Katie Relaxes

Here, Katie’s just jome for a very tiring day and the first thing she does is to massage her foot. Massaging her foot really relaxes her and she can’t help but massage her pussy as well. Next thing we know, she’s naked except for her blazer and stroking her feet while playing with her pussy.

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