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Entries for December, 2007

Cassandra’s New Shoes

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Cassandra just bought a new pair of sexy shoes and she is excited to try it on. The beautiful big-titted chick wanted to make sure that it fit her perfectly particularly that she’s comfortable in those killer four inch heels.

Cassandra’s New Shoes Cassandra’s New Shoes

But Cassandra feels that her clothes are distracting attention from her shoes so she striped everything off and just laid there on the couch in her white heels. She was then spreading her legs apart and giving us a great view of her pussy while pointing her toes at us invitingly.

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Alex Takes it Slow

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Alex knows that if he wants to fuck Kristen, he has to take it slow. So he made sure that Kristen was relaxed and off guard when he started his move on her. He started with a foot massage that has Kristen creaming before finally kissing and licking her toes.

Alex Takes it Slow Alex Takes it Slow

Kristen couldn’t move and do anything except watch as Alex feasts on her sexy feet. She can feel her pussy getting wet and she was already hot and horny but she let Alex do whatever he wants with her body especially with her pretty soft-soled feet.

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Anna Gets Serious

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Anna thought that it was a joke at first so she can’t stop herself from giggling and laughing out loud when Adam started to pull her feet towards him. She was prepared for a tickle but she didn’t expect what Adam started doing. He was kissing Anna’s smooth sole.

Anna Gets Serious Anna Gets Serious

Anna immediately became serious and this brunette babe was soon moaning when Adam continued his attack on her feet. He would lick Anna’s sole making Anna’s pussy cream and even lick the sensitive skin between her pretty painted toes before finally sucking each toe.

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Lesbian Foot Action

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Sabrina and Deanna are two bestfriends who are so unlike the other. Looking at them, they are like chocolate and vanilla..with Sabrina’s beautiful black body and curly long hair while Deanna is a hot leggy blonde with beautiful short hair.

Lesbian Foot Action Lesbian Foot Action

These two may be different in terms of looks but they like the very same thing. Sabrina and Deanna both like pussies and when their lovers are away, they turn to each other for some comfort. They start kissing right away and even managed to do some foot action in.

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Susanna Tries It Out

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Susanna has a beautiful smile that draws men to her. The mature blonde babe also has a great rocking body so she never really has problems with the men department. They all flock to her like bees to honey and that’s the way Susanna likes it.

Susanna Tries It Out Susanna Tries It Out

Her current lover though has a different fetish and though it was awkward for her at first, she has grown to like it. This mature hottie is a little shy about her feet but her lover is crazy about them and would even lick and suck Susanna toes.

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Couple Fetish

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Brenda and Anthony are really a great couple. They look real good together with Brenda’s beautiful blonde hair and sexy body and Anthony’s muscled one. They look like Barbie and Ken and it’s the only way these guys want it.

Couple Fetish Couple Fetish

Brenda and Anthony are a match not just in looks but in sex as well. They like the same things and are always experimenting. This time, they want to try out some foot fucking since Anthony really likes Brenda’s dainty toes and pretty feet. They get right on it and start the toe sucking right away.

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Miranda’s a Tease

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Miranda here works as an exotic dancer and so she always wears slutty outfits and makes sure she looks good in them. She checks herself in the mirror and when she saw us checking her out as well, this naughty brunette decided to give us a little show.

Miranda’s a Tease Miranda’s a Tease

Miranda was quick to spread her legs and we got a really good view of her leather-clad center. We can’t wait for her to finally take it off but Miranda was such a tease when she took her time taking her net stockings off and making sure that we appreciated her legs first.

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Hannah’s Having Fun

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

We would love to spend time with Hannah here. We know that we will have a great time with this babe because just the way she’s smiling at us tells us that this hottie is always game for fun and some wild games. We were eager to know just what kind of game she has for us and if we are going to enjoy it.

Hannah’s Having Fun Hannah’s Having Fun

We thought Hanna would get right on it but it seems that there is no fun in that. So she took her time and when she was finally in her undies, we thought we’d finally have a little action. We were surprised when this beautiful chick started rubbing her toes and legs together before pulling her feet to her mouth.

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Lusting for Liz

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Some people often wonder what we see in feet. We tell them that you would know a lot about a woman just by her feet. If her sole is soft, then you would probably find her skin to be soft and smooth and if her toes are pink then you’d probably find her pussy to be pink and juicy.

Lusting for Liz Lusting for Liz

Look at Liz here. Just looking at the arch of her foot, you could tell that this beautiful babe would arch her hips just to have you deeper into her hole. Plus those pink toes should really tell you that her pussy is going to be all pink and wet for your cock.

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Toe Sucking Amy

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful girl spread wide for you and her pussy wet and inviting for your touch and tongue. Amy here knows this and this beautiful blonde babe is making sure that we notice every movement she makes.

Toe Sucking Amy Toe Sucking Amy

Amy takes it to another level when she decided to suck her toes while spreading. It was so erotic seeing her lick her dainty feet and seeing that the more she tries to lick her toes the wider she spreads. We could see more of her creaming cunt and her pink hole within.

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