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Entries for October, 2007

Rita Shows Off

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Rita thought that it was time to take care of her toes and decided to have her toes pedicured. Of course, this slutty brunette loves to have her toes painted while she’s wearing her sexy lingerie and her silk panty that clearly shows off how aroused she is. She just can’t help but love looking at those pretty feet and so do we.

Rita Shows Off Rita Shows Off

Rita realized just how much we were staring at her and so decided to give us a little show. This minx started pointing those toes at us and it was so difficult not to grab her candy smelling foot and rub it all over our cocks just so she knows how turned on we are by her.

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Innocent Seduction

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Mr. Davis really has a way with women. Take a look at Janice here. She was just a little curious about how much she could learn from Mr. Davis but she really didn’t have any intentions of going beyong flirting and teasing. She was even a little afraid when Mr. Davis took off her pants and told her to pull down her top.

Innocent Seduction Innocent Seduction

But being the good little girl that she is, Janice followed him and though she was a little hesitant at first, her hands soon found her clit. When Mr. Davis was sure that Janice was comfortable that was when he started licking and sucking her toes before wrapping them all over his hard cock meat.

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Food Foot Fucking

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Foot fucking is not for everyone. For one thing, not every girl has that special dainty feet that makes foot fucking really sexy. Not every girl has long sexy legs that you get to watch and run your hands through while they pump your cock. And not everyone is flexible enough to lick and suck their own toes like our girl Gia here.

Food Foot Fucking Food Foot Fucking

Gia is a beautiful blonde babe with small tits and nice long legs. Her feet are sexy – well-arched heels and pedicured clean toes. Plus, the tattoo on her ankle just draws our attention to her pretty feet. Gia prepared something special for us, she mashed chocolates and bread with her feet before she licked them off.

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Jelly Foot Fucking

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Anna and Ben knew that it could get a little messy when they start doing what they love so they decided to do it in the bath. It makes things easier and they’re sure that no one gets to bother them there. Of course, they would have to prepare some items to make their foot fucking more pleasurable.

Jelly Foot Fucking Jelly Foot Fucking

Anna brought some petroleum jelly and gladly offered her feet to Ben. Ben really loves this part – when he gets to cover Anna’s pedicured toes and soft silky foot in warm and sticky petroleum jelly. Of course, nothing tops the part where he could finally wrap those soft soles around his hard erection.

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Barefoot Fucking

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

When we first saw Maya, our dicks nearly popped out of our pants right there. She was a sexy, dark exotic looking babe with a great set of long legs and freshly pedicured toes that we were all going to worship with our mouth.

Barefoot Fucking Barefoot Fucking

Our guy Steve was really sticking her shaved pussy with his hard cock while he licked and sucked her perfect feet before he splattered his man goo all over her paws. This bitch really seem to like cum all over her toes for she was cumming real hard when Steve cumhosed her dainty feet.

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Angelina Foot Fucks

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Angelina’s name suited her. Not only does she have Angelina Jolie’s raven black hair and sexy pout, this girl also have Angelina’s raw sexual appeal. Men just can’t help but be attracted to this babe from the top of her magnificent hair down to her dainty pink-pedicured toes.

Angelina Foot Fucks Angelina Foot Fucks

This time, Angelina’s going to prove that she can use every part of her body to bring a man to orgasm – even with her feet. She goes straight to her job by stuffing her mouth full of cock and then foot fucking his hard erection while opening wide to receive his fresh manmilk.

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Marian Shows Off

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

When you have a hot girl like Marian, there’s nothing else that you could ever want. This short-haired brunette has everything a man could ever want – gorgeous brown hair, full perky tits, slim waist and long toned legs.

Marian Shows Off Marian Shows Off

To top that, Marian has a very healthy appetite for sex and here she is showing us just how much she wants to be fucked. This slut is already spread wide in her bedroom with nothing on but her stockings. The fact that she chose to cover only her dainty toes and leaver her pussy naked and wet for us all makes it even more erotic.

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Toe Fucked Tina

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

When you have hot girls like Melissa and Tina in one house, you just can’t for nasty things to happen. Melissa has always been annoyed with Tina’s prude behavior and so decided to turn the tables on her roommie one day. She decided to make this blonde realize her lesbian cravings.

Toe Fucked Tina Toe Fucked Tina

Melissa wore a slutty green dress and high heels for her seduction. She caught up with Tina on the living room and this busty brunette soon decided to make things easier for Tina by offering her foot. Tina just can’t resist Melissa and soon this frigid blonde is having her sopping slit toe fucked.

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Girls Ganging Up

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

For some men, one pair of pretty feet is just not enough. They want to have more and for us, more is always better. So we give you these two hot babes, Jamie and Roxy, beautiful brunette babes with tight sexy bodies. They came here to do just one thing and they’re not leaving until they’re done.

Girls Ganging Up Girls Ganging Up

Roxy and Jamie immediately ganged up on our guy Ralph. He was bombarded with two sets of dainty feet and he was wildly licking and sucking all of their toes. The girls then took matters into their own hands as they licked each other’s toes while licking Ralph’s hard erection.

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Lesbian Foot Fuck

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Latina babes always have what it takes to seduce men – even women. So when tanned babe Shiela started to lay it on thick to beautiful Bea, we knew that she was up to something naughty and we sure have no plans of missing it.

Lesbian Foot Fuck Lesbian Foot Fuck

We saw this latina babe already naked and waiting for Bea by the living room. Bea was a little shocked but when Shiela offered to give her a foot massage, Bea can’t say no. This mamacita really knows how to seduce a girl as she started stroking her foot while spreading her legs for Bea.

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