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Entries for January, 2008

Lesbian Latinas

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

It’s already hot enough to have Rosario and Eva naked together in a room but to see them making out sure made things so much hotter. The two gorgeous babes are so sexy, it was so difficult to stop ourselves from joining in on their fun and having some of their juicy pussies.

Lesbian Latinas Lesbian Latinas

Eva and Rosario seem to know about our reaction for they grew bolder and wilder. They were rubbing each other’s pussies when Eva took Rosario’s foot and started sucking her toes. Eva then got on her knees so we could see the perfect outline of her tits while it was Rosario’s turn to lick Eva’s foot.

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Jenna Flaunts It

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Jenna has a lot of assets that she is proud of. She has a beatiful curvaceous body, long legs and round firm tits. Her face is very pretty with her hazel eyes, pink luscious lips and that great black hair. She really is a beautiful woman from top to toe.

Jenna Flaunts It Jenna Flaunts It

Jenna makes sure that she flaunts each of her assets to the best but she also knows that not a lot of women have feet as perfect as hers. She makes us realize that by posing and showing off her perfect feet and making sure that we get to see a lot of her legs as well.

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Christina Enjoys It

Monday, January 7th, 2008

There is really no escaping Mr. Davis. Once he has set his sights on you, you’d never be able to escape and better if you just let him do whatever he wants. This time, he has set his eyes on Christina.. a leggy brunette with a hot tight body.

Christina Enjoys It Christina Enjoys It

Christina was at first puzzled by what Mr. Davis wanted her to do. She thought he’d want to just fuck her and be over with it but Mr. Davis took her time with her. She enjoyed every minute of it particularly the part where Mr. Davis is kissing and licking her toes.

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Perfect Match

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Amy likes seeing men kiss her toes and feet. It just makes her feel more powerful and in control so every time she meets a man, she tries to make them kiss her feet. Some of them don’t understand why and just leave her so she was real thankful when she met Sonny.

Perfect Match Perfect Match

Sonny has a foot fetish and there’s nothing sexier for him than painted toenails and soft pretty feet. That is why Amy and Sonny are a perfect match and these two could go forever if they could and just keep on foot fucking even outside their house.

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