Mandy Comes Over

You really have to give it to these young girls – they know just what to wear to seduce older men. Mandy is a young brunette who is easily attracted to older men and this time, she’s set her sights on her mature neighbor Mr. Wilson. She had done everything she knew on seduction – bending over seductively every time he passes by and flashing her cotton panties at him.

Mandy Comes Over Mandy Comes Over

When things still didn’t work, she decided to go to his house in a flirty bra top and skirt in flaming red. The red made her skin seem fairer and she knew that Mr. Wilson wouldn’t be able to resist her. When she finally got comfortable, she spread her legs wide and ran her foot up and down Mr. Wilson’s bulge before finally getting the fuck that she wants. Catch more hot ladies over at Bare Foot Fuckers!

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